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Beth Sohail

Beth has over 10 years of experience as an dental hygienist with a special interest in periodontal therapy, occlusion, facial pain, TMJ and Sleep disorder management.  Her extensive studies in these subjects led her to the Academy Of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy at the University of California.   Beth is one of very few practicing/lecturing OMTs in the State of Georgia. She combines the Neuroplastic techniques of the OMT with other therapies including Buteyko style breathing, Feldenkrais movements and meditation principles to achieve positive therapeutic results.  These therapies are of great importance to Beth as she and her youngest son have suffered from the mental and physical trauma of insomnia and OSA.  Sleeplessness is becoming a chronic issue in the US.  OMT offers another option for many who may want to explore another therapy that is safe and proven effective.

Aside from a successful dental hygiene career, Beth operates a small OMT practice in East Cobb Marietta. She successfully treats habit elimination and airway opening for snoring and mild to moderate OSA in adults and children.

Tracy Blankenship

Tracy has worked in the field of dentistry for over 25 years gaining invaluable skills and vast experience as an expanded dental assistant, dental hygienist, clinical instructor, territory manager, product specialist and consultant.  Her degrees include an Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene and a Bachelor of Natural Science at the University of Pittsburgh with a concentration in Biology and Chemistry.  Her hands-on  background in restorative, hygiene, and technology make her an excellence resource and facilitator for enhancing practice performance and her extensive network connections make her an advantageous intermediary for study groups, meetings and conferences.  Tracy recognizes and understands the ever-increasing challenges dental practices face in today's modern  market.

Rhonda Mize Dunnaway

Rhonda has over 30 years of experience as a clinician, educator, speaker, and practice management consultant with a unique and practical perspective in practice growth, marketing and team dynamics. She is president of Anderson & Associates, a firm which holds firmly to the belief that the dental staff is the most valuable resource in the dental practice.

With a rich and deep field of experience in dentistry Rhonda has a vast raptorial career from assistant, hygienist, instructor, speaker, trainer, manager, program facilitator and consultant which has given her a well rounded perspective on today’s dental practice and the challenges and frustrations of each position within the dental practice.

Rhonda’s experience includes teaching dental hygiene for the Medical College of Georgia in Rome, Georgia, Athens Technical College in Athens, Georgia, lecturing on practice management, risk management, communication, infection control, and dental hygiene for the Medical College of Georgia, the Alabama Academy of General Dentistry and professional associations throughout the Southeast region, consulting for The Drevenstedt Group, and practicing what she teaches as a clinical dental hygienist which gives her a unique and practical perspective on the dynamics of the profession of dentistry.

Stuart J. Oberman

Stuart is the founder and President of Oberman Law Firm, a mid-size law firm located in the Atlanta (Georgia) area. Mr. Oberman, who has been practicing law for over 23 years, represents clients in a wide range of practice areas, including corporate law, employment law, health care law, fashion law, intellectual property, estate planning, intellectual property, trade secrets, sport-entertainment and media law, and real estate law. During Mr. Oberman’s distinguished career, he has had the opportunity to represent small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. 

In the area of health care law, Mr. Oberman is considered a foremost authority. Mr. Oberman is a frequent lecturer and contributor to industry publications regarding legal issues facing the health care profession, including HIPAA compliance, employment law, MSO/DMSO [Management Service Organizations], and mergers and acquisitions, and cyber security.

Marilee Sears

Marilee is the founder of Marilee Sears Coaching, is dedicated to helping dentists increase their production while reducing their stress. She works with a limited number of dentists each year to help them double their income and create a practice that supports the life they want. As creator and host of the annual Future of Dentistry Event, Marilee interviews dentistry’s top leaders to educate dentists on changes taking place and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

Todd Rincon

Todd has 20+ years of in-depth experience in corporate accounting, with a concentration on rapid growth companies.  His most recent accomplishment was acting as Director of Accounting Operations for one of the fastest growing Dental Management Organizations (DMO).

Todd has a solid foundation and a relentless desire for a global business understanding of the DMO business model.  He has become an industry specialist while developing a unique skillset that includes accounting, operations, acquisitions and transitions of new dental practices.  He brings to the table an overall knowledge and understanding of the dentist/ DMO relationship and the challenges involved.

Todd uses his unusual insight and understanding of the inner workings of the DMO to consult and advise dental professionals in both phases of the sale of their practice to a DMO; the pre-acquisition phase and the post-acquisition phase (once the dentist is employed by the DMO). This entire process can be a challenge for the dentist, who is trying to simultaneously maintain the highest level of care for patients while managing current practice duties and obligations. Adding the burden of navigating the financial negotiation process with a DMO can leave the dentist at a disadvantage.  This is where Todd can step in and ensure the dentist’s financial situation is maximized, present and future, and thus enable the dentist to truly “focus on dentistry” throughout the process.

Todd also enjoys training and educating dental and corporate staff in several areas of accounting and operational issues, which can enhance the accuracy of the financial presentation and the efficiency of information flow (gap bridging) between operation and accounting.

Lynne Slim

Lynne Slim is the periodontal therapy columnist for RDH magazine and an award-winning dental author who has published extensively in dental/dental hygiene journals including Dental Economics. In 2003, Lynne founded Perio C Dent, a dental practice management company that specializes in the incorporation of non-surgical periodontal therapy into the hygiene department of the general dental practice. Lynne coaches dental hygienists and dentists in ultrasonic instrumentation and other advanced hygiene initiatives. Lynne is also the owner and moderator of the periotherapist yahoo group:

As a key opinion leader in the dental industry and member of the RDH magazine advisory committee, Lynne is frequently asked to review new products and write product reviews. She participates in product development and is consulted about consumer/RDH product awareness. Lynne welcomes speaking engagements on the topic of nonsurgical periodontal therapy and evidence-based decision making in dentistry.

Lynne can be reached at: or

Randy Mallory

Randy Mallory grew up with two brothers, two sisters, and parents who were always there when their kids needed them most. Randy’s parents taught him that he could become whatever he wanted in life, but it was up to him to get there.

Randy’s father served as an incredible example to him when he began his business career. Randy worked as director of sales in the dental laboratory industry for over twenty years, eleven of those years for one of the largest laboratories in the country. He worked with some of the top dentists in cosmetics, full mouth reconstruction, and other aspects of dentistry. He also helped to cofound his own company in 2007.

In April, 2008, Randy experienced a traumatic motorcycle accident that changed his life, made him realize he had been given a new chance in life, and reaffirmed for him the importance of family. A near-death experience while in the hospital made him realize his life had purpose, and as a result, he is now sharing his message so he can help others overcome the adversities in their own lives.

Margaret McLeish Blakey, CBCS, BA

Certified as Coding and Billing specialist, Margaret has practiced for 16 years in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, a specialty requiring both medical and dental insurance claims. Her billing and administrative experience includes consulting for a Cosmetic and Craniofacial Surgery practice. Margaret is also a paralegal with three years of experience in employee benefits. She has been trained and assisted for several years working also in a dental clinic. Technical research preparation allows her to operate efficiently within the electronic claims billing environment. Margaret maintains knowledge of current developments, and trends, in insurance coverage and government claims requirements. Her combined experiences, guided by her knowledge of clinical environment give her a global perspective to handle claims appeals, patient confidentiality, collections, risk management, accounts receivables, ‘unbundling’, code auditing, claims coordination and legal issues.